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World War I

  • 03/03/2016

Photo of World War I

Our community is steeped in military tradition and enriched with a strong military presence. The full range of service, sacrifice, duty and honor that comes with military service is amply illustrated in the example of our own citizens. We in turn honor that service at the Park with monuments already established and others yet to come. This park is dedicated to the memories of those who have served.

About the Memorial

Veterans Memorial Park is home to Pensacola's World War I Monument. This marble memorial was moved from it's Garden street location, to Veterans Memorial Park by the Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida (VVNF). As the number of WW I Vets was declining, and the fact they were unable to raise the needed funds to accomplish this task, it became part of the overall effort by VVNF to open Veterans Memorial Park and Wall South to the community in order remember the men and women who died in the service of our Country, whether in time of war or in peace.

Veterans Memorial Park