Veterans Memorial Park is the home to Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida's "Wall South", a one half scale model of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.Wall South is 256 feet long, each wing is 128 feet long, and consists of 32 panels per wing. Height at the center is 8 feet 2 inches and descends in height to two inches at the ends As noted earlier, the Wall South lists the names of all 58,315 men and women listed as KIA or MIA from the war in Vietnam. The names are inscribed in the black granite face of the two walls.

About the Memorial

In December of 1987 the "Moving Wall," a half scale replica of the National Vietnam Memorial in our Nation's Capital, came to Pensacola. It was a hugely profound and moving experience for our city. It attracted a large throng of visitors, including local Vietnam veterans. When time came for the Wall to move on many of the Vietnam veterans who had stood vigil at the Wall decided that Pensacola should have a permanent replica of this memorial to honor those who had fallen in that conflict. For five years the Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida held garage sales, 5K and 10K runs, baseball and softball tourneys, carwashes and numerous other fund raisers to make their dream a reality.In 1992 the dream came true. What is now known as "Wall South," still the only permanent replica of the National Vietnam Memorial, was unveiled at what is now Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park.

Veterans Memorial Park