About the Memorial

The design contract awarded will be for the uniquely conceived brass sculpture best reflecting the eternal presence of our Gulf War Fallen in the hearts of a nation deeply grateful for their service and the immeasurable weight of their sacrifice.

Completion/Installation date: Memorial Day, 2019

History: In August 1990, Iraq invaded its neighbor Kuwait. The United States responded, leading coalition forces in air and ground attacks and defeating Iraq in 42 days. Nicknamed the “Yellow Ribbon War” for the ribbons Americans displayed to show support, Operation Desert Storm had put 425,000 U.S. troops in harm’s way. Of these, 149 never came home.

To our Pensacola area, it’s personal: Three who did not return hailed from the greater Pensacola area and the crew and Airmen of Spirit 03 out of Hurlburt Field. But our “military town” strives to keep the mantra Leave no warrior behind as a sacred trust applying to not only the fallen who once lived here, but to all American service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Pensacola’s beautiful Veterans Memorial Park setting allows us to do this. In bringing the GWM to the Park, we will be honoring all of America’s warriors lost in that war.

Veterans Memorial Park