The Korean War - No Longer a Forgotten War In Pensacola

About the Memorial

In 2004 the hundreds of local veterans of Korea began action to recognize the values of that war. They were aided by willing volunteers, and together raised $350,000 to place a memorial honoring all who served. That memorial now stands alongside monuments recognizing sacrifices of those who served in World War I, World War II, and Vietnam. The committee of veterans and citizens selected Judge Tarbuck to be the campaign chairman. Co-Chairman was Lieutenant General Robert Keller, USMC, retired. General Keller was a Major when fighting as a pilot over 50 years ago. The memorial is located within a few yards of the WWII memorial completing the Veterans Park along Bay Front Parkway. The memorial is oval shaped, with a tall granite plaque in the center which shows the outline of Korea, and selected data about the war. Three bronze figures represent ALL of the military services, and, especially those who fought on the ground. One figure illustrates humanitarian efforts by allies on behalf of the Korean people. Two bronze statues accurately depict an ongoing battle with a platoon commander and his radio operator. The statues were completed by Captain Robert Rasmussen, USN, retired, and Mr. Randy New, a local school teacher.

Veterans Memorial Park