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United Way Reduces Council on Aging Fundraising Costs

  • June 15, 2015
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John Clark, President and CEO of the Council on Aging of West Florida, is active in pursuit for programs that positively impact the health and financial standings of the elderly on both a local and state level. Clark was asked to share his views on the value of United Way and its contribution to creating and maintaining a sustainable community. In short, Clark made statements alluding to the following summary of his views in an interview with the Pensacola News Journal:


Without the coordination of United Way, raising the equivalent of funds would prove to be difficult and time consuming.

The Council on Aging alone receives $113,000 annually from all the funding avenues of United Way. These avenues include direct donations as well as program funding and allocated County and government funds. Since the funding is considered an endorsement of the community, nearly $1,000,000 matching funds are accessible for community programs such as Meals on Wheels, adult day care, and Foster Grandparents. These programs and organizations facilitate senior care while encouraging an independent, home-life lifestyle at minimal cost.


Without funding from United Way, hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal and state funding would be lost. It is necessary to have the right administrative persons to monitor donor dollars and to make the most effective investments to honor the cause as well as the trust of our donors. Volunteers and community leaders are essential in the maintenance of collective efforts of workplace partners. If costs to fundraise and staff all United Way programs were lobbied against funds received by the Council on Aging of West Florida, the cost would be significantly lower than the total cost it would be to raise the funds without the partnership of United Way.

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