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The Forgotten War

  • July 1, 2015
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The Korean War is not one heavily studied in U.S. history books. It did not receive much media attention, and is sometimes referred to as the "forgotten war." The Vietnam war was so broadly discussed with high media exposure, the Korean war soon slipped out of mind. Prior to the Vietnam war, television and other media outlets were still in somewhat primitive stages and were not yet as commonly found in households. The conflict of the war itself presented the challenge of explaining reasoning for entering the war. It was a unique conflict in that rather than oppression of a population, it was birthed out of conflict of political power and police action.

The Korea peninsula was divided in half in August of 1945, post WWII. Russia occupied the area north of the 38th parallel and the United States occupied area south of the line. Neither dictator of the north or south were satisfied in staying on their side, and turmoil within the country was rampant. The Korean War began on June 25, 1950; this invasion of the 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People's Army  was the first military action of the Cold War. American troops entered the war in July, fighting on behalf of South Korea in efforts to prevent international communism. The war ended in July of 1953 after claiming the lives of over 5 million soldiers and civilians. Today, Korea is still divided.


The Korean War was a bloody one, with millions of casualties, half of which were civilians. Neither side can actually claim victory of the war. Communism did not spread to South Korea, however the country still remains divided today, North Korea being a communist state. During American involvement in the war, the U.S. dropped more bombs in Korea than in the entire Pacific theater during WWII. About 86,300 Korean War Veterans are women, and this number makes up 7% of all female Veterans. U.S. troops are still kept in South Korea to stand guard against potential invasion attempts from North Korea. 

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