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  • July 1, 2015
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Through the celebration and remembrance of our fallen, retired, and still serving soldiers, Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola offers visitors a place to pay honor and respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The park's monuments evoke feelings of pride and appreciation for our nation's heroes. Veterans Memorial Park is a place for current day visitors and for generations to come. This year, the foundation is featuring one memorial each month to bring attention to that period in military history as well as those who served during that time. In this month of July, we honor those who served in the Korean War.

(Photo Courtesy Allen Jones)
In order to bring the Korean monument to the park, local Veterans of Korea along with community volunteers, raises $350,000. The beautiful black granite memorial, complete with a circular concrete wall surrounding it, stands near the WWII monument. The Korean memorial has an oval shape and a large granite plaque in the center, showing the outline of Korea as well as some general information regarding the war. On each side of the monument, a white map of the Korean peninsula with descriptions of battles and war conflict serve to educate visitors about the details of the war.

(Photo Courtesy Allen Jones)

There are several bronze figures that stand for each of the military services. One statue of a serviceman carrying a child to safety represents the humanitarian efforts by allies; the other statues replicate an ongoing battle of a platoon commander and his radio operator. At the base of the monument are raised memorials that pay tribute to specific units that fought in the war.


Veterans Memorial Park