Veterans Memorial Park

Honoring our WWI Soldiers

  • March 2, 2015
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Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola serves to encourage the celebration of our freedom by highlighting the sacrifices, trials, and triumphs of our country’s historical evolution.  These monuments evoke a sense of pride, respect, and remembrance of our nation’s heroes for current day visitors and for generations to come.  This year Veterans Memorial Park Foundation is paying tribute to the fallen men and women of our nation by featuring one memorial each month.  The month of March is honoring the soldiers who fought and risked their lives in World War I.

 In the park, a beautiful white marble monument pays tribute to the Veterans of Pensacola who served our country in WWI. Simple yet expressive, this monument is four-sided and is engraved with intricate patriotic scenes.  The site of the monument serves as a place for living descendants of WWI Veterans to come pay remembrance.

 People such as Joe Denmon, a Vietnam Veteran, come to the park to reflect on the sacrifices of their loved ones:  "My grandfather was a wonderful man.  He served our nation in WWI, my father served in WWII, and I served in Vietnam.” Denmon said while on a visit one day to the WWI memorial.  Denmon went on to say, with a smile, "This memorial, to me, just stands proud for my city, my community, my country.  It stands for those who cut the path before us so we can live free. Freedom isn’t free!”

 There are two plaques on the monument.  The larger one reads:

 "In memoriam:

A tribute to the men of Escambia County who served

The United States of American and the

Allies In the World War 1914-1918

and In loving Memory of those who fell

Dedicated Nov. 11th 1928

B.J. Montague donor”


 The smaller plaque reads:

 "This memorial is re-dedicated to our World War I veterans

Veterans Day, November 11, 1932

Veterans Memorial Park, Pensacola, Florida "

Veterans Memorial Park