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HMM-262 Reunion Dinner

  • July 14, 2015
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I was thrilled and honored when I received an email invitation to the HMM-262 20th Reunion dinner. The dinner was held at NAS Pensacola in the Mustin Officers Club, and what a beautiful evening it was. The ceremony began with the traditional presentation of colors and the playing of the triumphant National Anthem.  After guests were seated and dinner was served, the night continued with reminiscence of times spent together in the Marines Corps- in training, on combat missions, and life post active duty.

Shared memories evolved into belly-shaking laughter and animated story-telling. One thing is for sure, comradery within Squadron 262 is still going strong after 20 years. I was fortunate enough to engage inconversation with several of these brave men. Their noble, yet undeniably humble demeanors struck me

immediately and in my few hours I was able to sit among them, I gained a greater understanding of what it meant to be a Marine in Squadron 262. Here I was, sitting with men whose contributions in the Vietnam War are to date largely unknown, yet are so significant it is an incredible thing to witness such modesty and dedication. 

The men in unit 262 are from all over the country, from all walks of life. Yet, they share a bond that is as unwavering as that of brothers. The Mustin O Club was the perfect venue to host this ceremony of diverse Marines. Driving through NAS Pensacola to get to the venue, it was something very special to be submersed in a location so rich with military history. The Club itself was bright and inviting with beautiful architecture and friendly staff. The reunion dinner was semi-formal, with a presentation recognizing outstanding officers and special guests and plenty of time to socialize.   

The evening concluded with a beautiful sunset over the bay that was visible from the steps of the Club. Leaving there that evening, I couldn't help but look up at that bright blue and orange sky, reflecting on the lives of the courageous soldiers, those both lost and those still with us, and feel thankful to be at home in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  


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