Veterans Memorial Park

From the Desk of the President

  • May 19, 2015
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From the Desk of the President:

Butch Hansen

Veterans Memorial Park is a special place in our city because its purpose and history have such special meaning to all of us.  The Park was developed and has been maintained by dedicated veterans who answered the call to serve our country and who felt the need to recognize those that sacrificed their lives in that endeavor – ultimately – for the ideal that people and nations should be free. This theme started with our founding as a nation, represented by our Minuteman Memorial, and continued through all of our nations conflicts, world wars, cold wars, police actions;  all represented and memorialized in our Park. Our armed forces are serving now in the Middle East and many other places, defending the values we hold dear, and yes, some will not come back. We should have a memorial to them, for what they have done for us.

Many of us have not experienced the horror of jungle combat, or being shot out of the sky, or torpedoed on the sea. But, because of their example of duty and selfless moral courage, it helps us to be better than we would otherwise be. They were as good as they could be in their time, and we owe it to them to be as good as we can be in ours.

That’s why we memorialize them with this Park, and why we remember them.

Veterans Memorial Park