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A Minute for our Men

  • January 9, 2015
  • /   Tara Bradley
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             Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola pays respect to the fallen service men and women of our nation by showcasing one memorial each month throughout this year.  We would like to take the month of January to recognize the The Minuteman statue and honor the soldiers and patriots who fought and gave their lives in the victorious struggle for independence.  If you are interested in observing and remembering our great history, Veteran’s Memorial Park of Pensacola, Florida has recently become the proud recipient of the bronze Revolutionary War monument The Minuteman.  This memorial has been generously sponsored by The Pensacola Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Pensacola Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, with the approval of the Pensacola Veterans Memorial Foundation.  This organization is committed to bringing awareness to the American revolutionary spirit by celebrating the significance of our freedom, the ideals and sacrifices of true patriotism, and teaching respect for the symbolism of our national statues and monuments, not only to us today, but to future generations.

             Bob Canavello, the president of the Pensacola chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, said The Minuteman statue was forged from the same mold as the historic Minuteman statue located in Concord, Massachusetts.  The Concord Minuteman of 1775, erected in 1875, was built as a tribute to the centennial anniversary of the Revolutionary War.  The statue's likeness was based on what a typical minuteman of the day would resemble.  It is purported that the statue was commissioned to portray Captain Isaac Davis, a military officer, and the first American officer to be killed in the War for Independence.  The significance of having The Minuteman statue in Veteran’s Memorial Park is realized when you think of the history behind how and why both statues were crafted.  

                 Minutemen were units of militia who were hand selected to train extensively to be available for war at a minute’s notice.  These men were called to duty on April 19th, 1775 in what became known as the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  British troops were sent to confiscate an arsenal of weapons in what they assumed this would be an easy mission.  They were not prepared to encounter an extensive number of minutemen ready to fight.  The British were confronted by hundreds of patriots firing constantly for eighteen miles.  On that day, the minutemen proved they were able to defeat one of the most dominant armies in the known world.  That victory strengthened America’s confidence for the coming war.

                    The Revolutionary War minuteman statue was donated to honor these brave men who sacrificed their lives fighting for America’s independence. Our country, then and now, has always understood the importance of fighting for liberty and freedom, and this statue honors the memory of the hero’s who have given their lives in support of these beliefs. The Minuteman memorial is a welcomed and honored addition to Pensacola’s rich military history as well as a boon to Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Veterans Memorial Park