Story of Sacrifice: Vietnam

  • April 19, 2017
  • /   Wendell Slater
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"Thank you for your service and sacrifice." 
Take a moment and listen to this spouse of a Vietnam Veteran...
As we move closer to Memorial day let's contemplate the hardships Veterans endured- for the sake of our community, and for our country. This speech acts as an excellent example, for folks that have personal stories about the service, whether serving or supporting someone that does. Come out and share these experiences with us- the community needs to hear them for three reasons.
One, sharing these experiences allows for those suffering to understand they are not alone. Your story can mean the world to someone you may not even know.

Two,"those who don't know their history are doom to repeat it", some kids today feel like they are too young for Vietnam to have personally affected them, but the lessons of the first televised war helped shape America into the country we have today.
Three, the military is in the Gulf Coast's blood- the patriotism they add to the communities identity came from Veterans paying a very high price. Some Veterans come home and bring the war with them, some just don't come home. We as a community have a duty to understand all aspects of war and its effects; we realize that some Veterans don't just need a thank you, but some help. 
The Gulf Coast has a gem of a community; one that's diverse in culture, abundant with goals, and maintains a strong character. 
Let's not forget her story: learn from it, share it, and let's never forget Dan for his service and sacrifice. This Memorial day, let's keep the memory alive.
Veterans Memorial Park