Veterans Memorial Park

Photographer Allen Jones Presents: Veterans Memorial Park Pensacola

  • May 7, 2015
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Allen Jones is a talented photographer, specializing in Architectural and Landscape images. He uses techniques that require patience and an eye for the ideal weather, lighting, and time of day. His expertise is apparent in his images of Veterans Memorial Park. These high quality photos were made possible with a combination of top of the line equipment and an acquired level of technical mastery.

 Each image is bold and inviting, highly dimensional and free of distraction. In capturing the inherent drama in a chosen scene, Jones enhances the images by optimizing color and tonal range. This gives his photos the appeal and drawing power that is apparent upon first glance. With a focus on landmarks and buildings in the city of Pensacola, he has created a comprehensive collection he calls "Pensacola Icons.” The landscape and monuments of Veterans Memorial Park are a part of this collection.

Veterans Memorial Park thanks Jones for his generosity in allowing us to share his beautiful images. Each photo certainly portrays our memorials with honor and admiration through immense creativity.

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Veterans Memorial Park