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Kiosk Model

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Veterans Memorial Park Donation Kiosk

Pensacola’s military history has been anchored for over a century by the presence of Naval Air Station Pensacola. As the cradle of Naval Aviation, NAS Pensacola continues to be a defining element of Pensacola’s cultural and economic identity. The creation of the park in 1991 is a testament to the strength of Pensacola’s military heritage. The memorial and park are hallowed ground for visiting veterans and their families, not just in Pensacola, but around the country.

The new kiosk represents a digital launching point for the the park by accepting donations, in addition to allowing users to look up names of deceased veterans at the memorial, explore multimedia materials about the memorial’s history, and provide an interface for the purchase of memorabilia.

To best protect the equipment and its users from the elements, it was decided that a small open air pavilion would be created. The resulting pavilion represents the most elemental of architectural forms—a small space defined by a simple roof plane and its supporting elements. The end result is a light and transparent structure, the subtle geometry of which respectfully defers to the existing memorial while providing shelter.

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